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Asphalt Making Good, Trenches, Speed Humps


Making good to existing Asphalt Pavements, Trench Repair or Reinstatement & Speed Hump Installation using Asphalt is common and for good reason.


Making Good

Some of the more common and cost-effective uses for Asphalt are “making good” to Roadways, Car Parks and Driveways where new concrete works have been installed. For example, newly poured concrete kerb to the areas specified, or the installation of a new concrete Crossover & Layback more-often than not, require an Asphalt Repair to finalise works to meet safety and Council Standards. Asphalt Repair works of “making good” is a simple and efficient process to finalise a project.

Trench Repair or Reinstatement

Asphalt Installation of and repairs to Gas, Electrical, Water and misc. services in existing Asphalt Pavements require Asphalt Remediation Repairs to finalise works. Asphalt installation allows the site to be used almost immediately and prevents potential safety risks to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Asphalt Reinstatements and Remediations are a durable, long-lasting solution that, restores the functionality of pavements with minimal disruption.

Speed Hump Repair & Installation

Asphalt Speed Humps are popular for being installed as traffic calming devices and can be very effective at slowing traffic to safe speeds, particularly in areas with high pedestrian movement and/or high volume and dense traffic conditions such as Car Park areas. The installation work of an Asphalt Speed Hump is a more permanent and practical solution over other speed hump methods offered on today’s market. Asphalt Speed Humps require little maintenance once installed and can be removed, re-shaped and re-laid to further meet your needs.

Asphalt Speed Humps can have other purposes too, for example, being used as a barrier to divert troublesome water that may be causing flooding or ponding in unwanted areas of an Asphalt Pavement. In most cases, there may be a more problematic drainage or level issue and is usually too cost prohibitive to permanently repair. The installation of an Asphalt Speed Hump otherwise known as an Asphalt Bund, can be a cost effective solution, diverting water elsewhere.


It is highly recommended that both Asphalt Speed Humps and Bunds, have a specialised coloured line marking product applied after their installation to improve visibility and increase pedestrian and vehicular safety.

What you need to know –
Asphalt is a versatile product and can be used for various applications. Making Good, Trench Reinstatement and Speed Hump Installation and Bunds are just some of the ways it may be used. Creativity in using Asphalt can help prevent safety issues, provide cost effective results, and provide a way to complete your project on time.

Need assistance?
Ozpave has the expertise and experience to assist in Asphalt laying alternatives. Read further about our varied Asphalt laying options or contact us should you have further questions.

Congratulations and thank you to all those involved in the current resurfacing of the Cycleway. You have done a fantastic job which is, appreciated by all riders that are regularly using the Cycleway. Oh, and the recent mowing of the grass verges along the Cycleway is the best I have seen during the four years I have been using this amazing facility. What a great overall achievement by you all! See you out there boys and girls. Regards, Colin Tiplady.
Colin Tiplady

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