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Resurfacing makes up a large portion of Road Rehabilitation works carried out both day and night throughout Sydney. Asphalt Resurfacing most often follows Asphalt Profiling or Milling and can be a viable, cost-effective option in restoring the Pavement. Otherwise known as an Overlay, Road Resurfacing can strengthen and extend the life of Asphalt for a further 15-20 years. Areassuited to this process following Road Profiling are Roads, Roundabouts, Car Parks, Cycle Ways, Games Courts, etc.

Importantly underlying issues evident in the substrate need to be addressed in-order-for Resurfacing works to be successful long term. Profiling or milling the existing pavement first produces a relatively smooth and problem free surface in preparationfor Asphalt Resurfacing works to take place. The advantage of this process is there is no need for change to road levels, kerb & gutter, and other ancillary materials in place, all can remain in-tact. And, practical from a cost and safety aspect due to the surface being able to be used by vehicular traffic following completion, minimising closure, and project delays. Most Resurfacing works can be carried out in one day, dependent on job size and other works involved such as, Asphalt Milling required to be undertaken prior to the Resurfacing process.

There are a range of speciality Asphalt mix designs tailored specifically to meet project specification, intended use and funds available when Resurfacing.


  • The condition of your existing asphalt pavement.
  • Is Asphalt Profiling or Milling required prior?
  • Is the drainage of the existing asphalt pavement effective?
  • Is the drainage of the existing asphalt pavement effective?
  • Accessibility to the job for large machinery.
  • Are there time constraints for completion of your project?

What you need to know –
It is worth considering using a professional Asphalt Contractor to assist with alternative solutions for your next project. As a specialist in Asphalt Road Resurfacing, Ozpave can offer a range of services to ensure the Profiling and Resurfacing are carried out with the highest level of accuracy.

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Ozpave has the expertise and experience to assist in Asphalt Profiling and Resurfacing solutions. Read further about our Asphalt, Bitumen, Concrete & Civil services or contact us should you have further questions.


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