Asphalt Patching

Damaged and failing Asphalt surfaces can result in Potholes that vary from shape and size forming in the pavement. Damaged Asphalt can occur due to a-number of factors including pavement age, type of use, lack of drainage and sometimes be symptomatic of deeper underlying issues. Regardless of cause, neglect of necessary Asphalt Pothole & Patching repair can significantly impact the overall life of a pavement surface and may result in more expense and headache down the track.

Potholes are created when moisture penetrates the Asphalt surface through cracks or by the expansion and contraction of water entering-into the sub structure of the pavement. Water tends to pond in the damaged area, over time and with continuous use, the Asphalt surface weakens and develops a Pothole. It is therefore, critical when failures occur, that Asphalt Potholes & Patching repairs to your Pavement surface be carried out in a timely manner. Unlike rigid concrete surface failures, repairs to Asphalt can be a relatively quick and cost-effective process. It is best practice to repair and maintain Asphalt surfaces as soon as deterioration is identified. Asphalt patching, repairs and routine maintenance can assist, not only by extending the pavement life but also to reduce the risk of further failures when left exposed to the elements and vehicular traffic. 

Making your Potholes whole again

Cosmetic Repair
Carrying out cosmetic repairs to pavement failures such as Potholes is for those that have an urgent requirement and is a viable stopgap to immediately make the area safe. Particularly in areas such as footpaths and car parks, where there is an increased risk of harm to users. Cosmetic repairs may seem to be a cost-effective solution however, as the name suggests, it is a superficial repair by way of filling the hole with new Asphalt. This emergency repair should be viewed as a short-term solution, the cause will not have been addressed and Potholes may quickly reoccur.

Permanent Repair
Carrying out permanent repairs to pavement failures such as Potholes is for those that require the pavement to be repaired for the long term. And the cause should be addressed in-order-to prevent it from returning in the Asphalt surface. Carrying out remedial patching and repairs to localised failures, although a more comprehensive repair, will prolong further damage and can be a relatively quick process.

It is worth noting, in most circumstances, both types of Asphalt repairs and minor Asphalt patching maintenance works can be carried out within a matter of hours, with minimal disruption and can be trafficable almost immediately following completion of works.

What you need to know –
Potholes can be ignored for the short term however, if left unattended they can have a costly financial impact on Stakeholders. Potholes are trip-hazards, a safety risk to pedestrians, can cause damage to vehicles and impact on the value and image of the property.

Need assistance?
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Last Friday a team of your workmen came to the above street to reseal the road. We just wish to say, that from the moment the operation started ( having vehicles moved and closing off the street) to finishing up at the end of the day, the diligence, work ethic and professionalism of these men was excellent. If you know who this team is, then I hope you let them know that we (everyone in our apartment block) would like to give them a pat on the back.
Laurel & Fred Seitzinger

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