Asphalt Cracks & Repairs


Cracked, damaged and failing areas forming in the Asphalt pavement will require repair. Typical causes of failing areas can occur due to a-number of factors including pavement age, poor design, type of use, lack of maintenance, drainage and sometimes be symptomatic of deeper underlying issues. Regardless of the cause however, neglect of Asphalt Repairs can significantly impact on the overall life of a pavement surface and may result in more extensive repairs and additional cost.

Asphalt repair and routine maintenance can assist, not only by extending your pavement life, but also reducing the risk of further failures when left exposed to the elements and traffic. In addition, and importantly repairs will reduce the risk of pedestrian injury and motor vehicle damage.


Crack & Joint Sealing Repair

Carrying out crack & joint sealing repairs is an important pavement maintenance strategy that can be utilised to extend the life of a pavement surface. A crack sealant is designed to penetrate the crack, act as a flexible filler, and assist with the prevention of water ingression. Application of a crack or joint sealant can prevent recurrence and can be used on its own, following asphalt repairs or prior to asphalt resurfacing. A cost effective and fast solution when carried out by an experienced Asphalt Contractor.

Asphalt Repair

Carrying out Asphalt repairs to pavement failures commonly identified as potholes and if left, progressing to larger damaged surface areas is a necessary maintenance strategy. Remedial repairs to localised failures will prolong further damage and lengthen the life of the pavement. A cost effective and fast solution when carried out by an experienced Asphalt Contractor.

Worthy of noting, prioritising frequent and thorough inspections of the Asphalt pavement will identify potential issues that may require attention. In most circumstances, crack sealing and asphalt repairs can be carried out within a matter of hours, with minimal disruption and trafficable almost immediately.

What you need to know-
Asphalt cracks and repairs can be ignored for the short term only. Preventative maintenance and repair carried out by an experienced Asphalt Contracting company is the most cost-effective way to maintain the lifespan of your Asphalt pavement.

Need Assistance?
Ozpave has the expertise and experience to assist with Asphalt Cracks & Repairs maintenance solutions. Read further about our Asphalt Paving services or contact us should you have further questions.

Congratulations and thank you to all those involved in the current resurfacing of the Cycleway. You have done a fantastic job which is, appreciated by all riders that are regularly using the Cycleway. Oh, and the recent mowing of the grass verges along the Cycleway is the best I have seen during the four years I have been using this amazing facility. What a great overall achievement by you all! See you out there boys and girls. Regards, Colin Tiplady.
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