Asphalt Resurfacing


Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt Resurfacing can be a viable, cost effective option to use on existing asphalt pavements when the existing surface is in reasonable condition. Areas suitable for asphalt resurfacing are for example, asphalt roads, cycleways, car parks, driveways, footpaths, playgrounds, games courts and so on. The life of the existing asphalt pavement can be extended for a further 15-20 years with an additional layer of asphalt, otherwise known as an overlay. Consideration should be given to what it is that you will be using the newly resurfaced area for, as this will help to determine the additional depth of asphalt required.

Importantly, Asphalt is only as good as what is under it and therefore, at the time of resurfacing other underlying issues may need to be addressed prior to resurfacing. However, Asphalt overlay can be used as an excellent cosmetic solution when wanting to tidy up a property before sale. Most asphalt works can be carried out in one day, dependent on job size and other works required to be undertaken prior to the Resurfacing process.


What you need to know
As a property owner, you may wish to consider the value in maintaining your Asphalt. Asphalt Resurfacing is a fast, cost effective approach to adding value to your property for many years to come.

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Ozpave has the expertise and experience to assist in Asphalt Resurfacing solutions. Read further about our Sydney Asphalt services or contact us should you wish to speak to our staff.

Congratulations and thank you to all those involved in the current resurfacing of the Cycleway. You have done a fantastic job which is, appreciated by all riders that are regularly using the Cycleway. Oh, and the recent mowing of the grass verges along the Cycleway is the best I have seen during the four years I have been using this amazing facility. What a great overall achievement by you all! See you out there boys and girls. Regards, Colin Tiplady.
Colin Tiplady

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